Insects Control


Ants are social insect and live in colonies. Several species of ants commonly lives in lawns and ornamental plantings of trees and shrubs in and around our home, office and buildings. They form colonies that range in size from a few dozen predatory individual living in small natural cavities to highly organized colonies which may occupy large territories and consists mostly of sterile wingless female forming castes of “Workers”, “Solders”, or other specialized group. Ants feed on syrups, honey, fruits juice, fats and meat which they find in human habitation. They can bite with their mandibles (jaws) and certain species such as red ants inflict painful bites. Fire ants have a painful sting that can cause severe allergy. Ants can also cause contamination hazards by their presence on production floors, raw materials and finished goods store. Ants are fast becoming a major pest.

Silverfish & Firebrats​


Silverfish are nocturnal, elongate and flattened insect typically between 0.5 and 1.0 inches in length. They largely active at night, they damage household  articles containing starch such as paste, glue, paper products, bookbinding’s and fabrics, and can go far as much as a year without eating. The common silverfish has a silvery sheen, and prefers areas of high humidity such as basement, lofts, dump walls, below sink, washbasins, etc. Whereas Firebrats, as their name suggests, live and develop in hot but moist place such as around furnaces, in insulation, hot water piping ducts etc. They prefer a dark, moist environment and require a large supply of starch foods or moulds. Firebrats are known to feed extensively on rayon. They prefer temperatures around 37 C.

Spiders & Scorpions are pest which continue to instill fear in most people. Spiders are a carnivorous pest (feed on other bugs). Large numbers of spiders are often a sign of a more extensive pest problem.

Scorpions can inflict a painful sting and cause serious illness requiring immediate medical attention. Both of these pests pose a great liability risk should a customer or employee come in contact with them in your business.

Sky High Advance Insect Management Service:

Sky high uses mild chemical spray which is colorless, odorless having no side effects. We treat entire area by spraying all the surfaces and make an invisible layer on the walls.

Sky high anti insects spray creates an invisible layer on the walls and when an insect comes in touch with this surface it attacks on his nervous system causing cardiac stroke or paralysis to them resulting in to a slow death. Sky high insect treatment does not make them temporarily senseless like other products; it kills them and gives a permanent and effective solution. By constant killing slowly and gradually the insects starts repelling from that area.

Treatment is being done at a frequency of two months for inside the premises and at an interval of 15 days for outside open premises.

Benefits of our treatment

  1. Colorless, Odorless treatment having no harmful effect.
  2. Easy application, no need to vacate the premises.
  3. Treatment can be done in your presence without affecting routine life.
  4. It kills the insects rather making them senseless
  5. Killing results into gradual repulsion from that area
  6. No chemical spray hence no need to do the post treatment cleaning job.