Termite Control​

Termite or ‘White Ant’, commonly known are social insects. Subterranean termites live underground in a colony comprising of queen, king, workers and soldiers. A single colony may comprise of millions of termites. Termites are silent destroyers. In fact, their name is derived from Greek word ‘terms’ meaning ‘the end’. They feed on anything containing cellulose i.e. wooden objects. Fixtures, paper, books, important document, clothes and even currency note. 

Once the food source is detected, subterranean termite workers construct mud tubes to it and from then on, the march is relentless. They stop at nothing and a gap of just 0.5mm is sufficient for them to gain entry. Once inside the building they can cause severe damage to all cellulose material like wood, cotton, paper, textile etc. In their search for food, they can even damage non – cellulose material such as cable coverings, neoprene, leather, rubber, nylon, PVC etc practically everything man cherishes to own.

Some sure signs of subterranean termite infestation are swarming or discarded wings, mud tubes on walls. However, the absence of any visible sign does not necessarily mean that there is no infestation. Damage is mostly internal – the inner surface is hollowed out while the outer surface remains intact.

This is why termite infestation is not noticed until it is too late. Therefore, the longer you delay the more extensive and expensive the damage will be. When it comes to termites, Prevention is always better then cures.

Sky High Advance Anti Termite Management Service:

Sky high provides both pre construction and post construction treatment for termites.

In pre-construction treatment we treat the soil with the chemicals which kills all the termites present and make it resistant for a long time.

In post construction treatment our experts make a visit and analyze the level of infestation. We do cleaning of all the visible termites on the walls and furniture. We make small holes in the corner of walls and floors at a distance of one foot. Through these holes chemical are infused in the walls. Spray is done on the walls and furniture.

Sky high treatment focuses on killing all the termites within the walls. Further the chemical infused through the holes make a layer inside the wall which acts as a barrier for the termites and stop them in the soil to entering the walls.

3 – 5 years for post construction

10 years for pre-construction

Treatment is being done for one time.

Benefits of our treatment

  1. It is oil and water based treatment for long lasting effect.
  2. Ensure complete extinction of the pest.
  3. Easy application, no need to vacate the premises.
  4. Treatment can be done in your presence without affecting routine life.